Physical, Emotional and Mental balance - Part Two


 You have begun to take stock of your body and of  its messages about imbalance. 
 Let’s now pay closer attention to the breath which is the connection between the body and the mind.
The slower and deeper the breath, the healthier we become; low rate of breath/ pulse goes together with low heart beat, stimulation of the parasympathetic system (the one that creates the “good internal drugs” - the neurotransmitters), longevity (the less the heart has to work, the longer it can) and  a calm mind.

Sit on the floor against the wall with your backside fully connected to the wall, either cross legged, one leg crossed or both legs extended.
Close your eyes and listen to your breath with curiosity and gentleness; 
Is it slow or fast;
 How far does it go - can I feel it in my throat, chest, diaphragm, belly? 
If you find this hard to do, count to four when inhaling and to four when exhaling. Notice if they are even. If not, the count can be 3 and 3 or even 2 and 2.
As you do this on a more regular basis, you will notice your breath does get slower and deeper. You will be able to count to more than  four on the inhale and exhale breaths.
As we do the suggested breathing, the inhale and exhale breaths have a chance to equalize and both slow down, and some good news, the longer the exhale, the more toxins we release.
Now notice if your breath is smooth or it takes little gasps while breathing. If you do and track the gasp to the chest area; put your hand there and feel the warmth of it ; as you breathe in and out, pay gentle attention to the chest. Take a few more even breaths and notice if the gasp is still there. 
If you notice a  gasp is in any other area, do the same;  put your hand on your throat or belly or even the rib cage (hug yourself below the armpits with both hands). You  do not need to  force the breath; it will go smoother as you support the area with your hand/s and pay gentle attention.

The most important learning from this is that when we pay close attention to our body, and experience it as the living miraculous and highly sophisticated instrument  it is, actually changes the quality of our breathing.
Just by being aware, and remembering not to force anything, we can allow a shift in the balance of our breathing, which positively affects both our body and mind as well as our emotions.

Blessings for health and well being,

Lydia Rozental