Energetic Balance


Our cycles of energy ebb and flow naturally during the day. Here are some ways we can get more acquainted with them.
 Checking in; when do I feel energized? In the early morning, later morning, after lunch, early evening, late evening, night?  Is my level of energy more or less even or do I experience extremes of low and high energy? Extremes of energy or continuous lack of it or feelings of depletion  are clear indicators of imbalance.

Let’s keep going; is my energy mostly diverted to the outside world? It may manifest itself in giving a lot of power to what other people think of me or how they may judge me; or in absorbing other people’s emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger. How much do I go inside to nurture, feed, restore and replenish it? What do I do or how am I when I feel re-energized, lively, vibrant, alive?

How do I recharge myself? Or do I at all? What I feel/ perceive as recharging, does it feel that way or do I expect it to work and it does not? As an example, I may go for a walk, expecting to feel better at the end of it and yet, I am not.
Where do I direct my energy? Is it predominantly towards my thoughts or my  emotions? Do I make room for the physical? Are these 3 fields in balance with each other?

Most of us spend a huge amount of our energy on doing rather than being and when we are with ourselves, in allowing the mind to create worry, judgement and other sapping- of -energy emotions rather than stillness and nurturing of the depletion. Many of us distract ourselves with external stimulation of the passive (eg.TV) and active kind (eg. shopping) as we are uncomfortable with facing what really is going on inside, or we  may find ourselves drawn to certain foods which our body craves and yet, they may sap us of energy too. 

You may not know that garlic for example is a negative-energy food because it is used as food rather than the medicine it is; or that tomatoes may add to your lethargy. Most plant-based food though are energy-positive, meaning they will enhance it. You may be able to track this for yourself; how do I feel after eating certain foods  - sleepy, lethargic, more alive, down, anxious, joyful etc.?

In our often too busy and demanding world, how can we restore the depletion of energy on an ongoing basis? As we  know more of what depletes and re-energizes us ( taking notes over a period of time helps with that), we will also know which area needs our attention - do I need to adjust what, how and when I eat? When I need rest, do I listen? Lying down on the floor for 10 mins, with arms and legs at 45 degrees and allowing the whole body to imprint itself on the floor can make a difference between feeling bedraggled and feeling again the zest of life.

When I go for my walk, do I run the old tapes in my head? Is this restful? What do I wish to be aware of on my walk? What if I name an intention for myself to pay attention to the foliage or to my breath as I walk? How would I feel then? What if I name my intention to be of not listening to the old tapes while I walk or lie down on the floor? What will I do if they come back? We can remind ourselves of the intention; we can name and acknowledge “old tapes” and we can visualize them disappearing into thin air.

Be curious and creative and experiment with different intentions as you set on re-vitalizing acts, thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Blessings for health and well-being,

Lydia Rozental